Dr. Dre feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey - I Need A Doctor

Cover Dr. Dre feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey - I Need A Doctor


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Promo - CD-Single Interscope - (UMG)
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1.I Need A Doctor

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4:44I Need A Doctor [Promo]Interscope

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Puntengemiddelde: 3.28 (Reviews: 104)

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Chris A
Excellent song.

Laatst gewijzigd: 04/08/2012 04:23

OH NO, another dreadful, melody-free hip-hop/ballad combination to join the ever increasing pile

Dreadful, not even the semi-amusing single cover can help this one.

Skylar Grey's part in this song is the only reason I'm giving this a 2, otherwise its crap.

This one is just weird.

White Tiger
Kvind hem eigenlijk wel nog redelijk goed = 5-

Verschrikkelijk. Direct afvoeren.

What a way to get pumped for Detox; A track Dre didn't produce and is only on for a minute where he doesn't really deliver! It almost makes you not mind that it's still not out.

How odd too, for Eminem being a rapper particularly fond of a certain f-word, he certainly expresses himself here. What I'm saying is that Faith + 1 wouldn't have to change many words to make their own version :p

I've always been a bit undecided on this since I've found it difficult to weigh up the positives and negatives. Unlike other songs of this...nature, the chorus hook actually works for me I think, but it's backed by such rather poor production that takes a lot of the shine off. Eh I'll pass it. 2.9
Laatst gewijzigd: 17/08/2014 13:36

This song should be credited as Eminem featuring Skylar Grey and Dr Dre. Well, I'd actually simply prefer it didn't exist, but since that doesn't seem to be an option I have, then they should at least credit it accurately.

I was never likely to like this song and indeed I don't. I don't like Eminem's verses, but then Dr Dre does his and it's awful. I'm pretty sure he's just being vulgar and swearing for the attention, controversy and "cool points" he thinks it will give him. He's wrong. He sucks. Skylar Grey starts out as boring and whiny, but by the end of the song her chorus has become a breath of fresh air because the verses are so crap.

This was getting a 2, but then Dr Dre's verse was SO bad. And since it's apparently his song, I guess I should judge it mostly on his contribution, so.........
Laatst gewijzigd: 13/02/2011 02:23

Hoewel de single op Dre's naam staat, komt hij pas na drie minuten aan bod. Eminem is zoals gewoonlijk weer eens luid en duidelijk aanwezig. Maar het opvallendste is misschien het mooie refrein van Skylar Grey, die nu wel heel snel carrière maakt. Na haar samenwerking met Diddy gaat dit vast haar tweede hitnotering worden.

Direct naar de kliko.

I actually really like this song, the chorus by Skylar is great.

ik vind het anders helemaal niet slecht. veel beter dan veel andere rap die ze tegenwoordig maken! 5 sterren zijn op hun plaats

I like this! Needs more dre but skylar and eminem did well on it! Grows on me each time I hear it!

Deze plaat wordt onderschat ben ik bang. Het is best wel een goede plaat namelijk. een pakkend refrein en ik voel de emotie (kwaadheid) in de stem van Eminem. Best goed eigenlijk!

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Inderdaad "I Need A Doctor" !!! Bagger !!! En rotzooi hoort in de kliko ☺!!!

Niet voor het een of ander, maar ik vind dit anders helemaal zo slecht nog niet! Oké, Dr. Dre komt hier nauwelijks aan bod, dus zou Eminem eigenlijk de hoofdact moeten zijn. Maar dat daargelaten vind ik de verses niet eens zo heel erg slecht en het refrein heel goed. Dr. Dre is wat minder op deze song, maar ach... Het refrein wordt overigens ingezongen door Skylar Grey, het pseudoniem van Holly Brooks. Die ken je vast nog wel van 'Where'd You Go' van Fort Minor.

the chorus holds up the song - the rest of it is somewhere between rubbish and relatively average. i really hate the video though so it gets a 3 for me

that music video is unforgivable
Laatst gewijzigd: 24/04/2011 13:00

Excellent chorus by Skylar Grey

Great verses by Eminem

Dr. Dre did OK in his verse but he should really contribute more to song considering the song is under his name and on his album.

goed nummer!

this song is really growing on me now! eminem is fantastic on it; I agree it was creditted badly but oh well.. :)

Actually it is pretty naf
Laatst gewijzigd: 18/08/2013 02:37

took a little while to akin to

I need a doctor, call me a doctor.......


Skylar Grey's part makes the song.

Heart monitor sounds in a song don't really work for me. Nothing much special here. 2.3*

Hate it .

Since i first heard it i've found it very bland and boring. Eminem actually supplies a pretty aggressve and consistant rap which is the only thing saving it from TRASH!

coming home is better but ok

Usually I like or find these male rap / female chorus songs okay but this is very bad. Eminem's parts are the best thing about this and are okay and close to being good. That chorus is so terrible though and pretty much kills any chance of the song recovering and Dr. Dre sucks as well. The production is very bland and just makes this a even more dire listening experience. Avoid. 2.1
Laatst gewijzigd: 19/03/2014 11:08

matty d
1 star

Good chorus but the rest isn't great.

I haven't reviewed this?

I heard this on the radio out of nowhere a couple of days ago, and thought "what did I write on my review of this song?".

After it turned out that it didn't exist, I'll just provide one now.

I remember liking this a few years ago, and enjoying the implementation of those hospital sound effects. Eminem's rap is good to me, and I liked Skylar's contributions. Dre's rap is a bit on the crude side, but he still does enough to fit in.

It seems like not many other people share that positivity with me though.

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