The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This

Cover The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This
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Digital Disruptor / Columbia 1207406271 (Sony)
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1.Something Just Like This

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4:07Something Just Like ThisDisruptor / Columbia

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Puntengemiddelde: 3.5 (Reviews: 40)

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De opvolger van Paris! Met invloeden van hun vorige hit Roses en de vocalen van frontman Chris Martin van the band Coldplay
Dik 5 sterren!!!

De hitfabriek van The Chainsmokers draait nog steeds op volle toeren en deze samenwerking met Coldplay mag er ook zeker wel wezen.

You know what? No.

I don't mind this song, honestly it's decent enough. Until that fucking beat drop thing that is present in literally every Chainsmokers song. I don't like Coldplay usually, but up against those offences to music they make this song.

The chainsmokers are very possibly the least talented dickheads in music. Their presence on this song makes it so hard to like. If this was a coldplay song with a different beat, this would be a 4.5 probably. But with those two putting a beat on and calling it a day, I'm giving it a 1.5 generously. Coldplay have never been my favourite artists, but god they deserve better.

This is one of those songs that I've got an immediate negative reaction to and I know it won't change no matter the exposure. Similar to, well Closer in that regard but I guess there is more to be said about the similarities between this and their earlier material, so I'll just point out what's new. This sounds a lot like a typical Owl City song and I'm surprised it's not a collaboration with him, but it certainly does combine the 'strengths' of both artists; Owl City's amateurish edm with extremely corny/childish lyrical themes with The Chainsmokers' general vapidness. The result is a hell of a song no matter who sings it. This was doomed long before I can even get to the featured artist.
And as for them, Coldplay can experiment as much as they want as far as I'm concerned, but can they at least make it sound ok? After Sky Full of Stars this is their second miserable attempt at a dance record, give it a rest.
Laatst gewijzigd: 25/02/2017 13:02

I really don't understand all the hate that the Chainsmokers get. Loving the songs they are bringing out. I also Love that for their latest song they have done a collab with my all time favourite band Coldplay. It's great 🙌

I like it, thanks to Coldplay, duh. Never thought I would say that I like a Chainsmokers track. I only wish the chorus/drop/whatever was better.

Geslaagde samenwerking!

The moment I saw that these two collaborated on a new song, my instant reaction was that I'd lost all respect for Coldplay as I hate the Chainsmokers with an absolute passion as I mentioned in my reviews for some of their songs.

I anticipated this to be a total disaster simply based on that but thankfully when I got around to hearing it, it turned out that the Coldplay took up a much greater proportion of the song and their parts are actually quite good. But like others have said, the beat drop is rubbish as to be expected from the Chainsmokers and ruins the song. This would be a 4 had it been a Coldplay song only but the drop drags it down to a 3.

Yeah, I like it :P

I was actually expecting something more generic than this tbh :P

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Aangename en prima samenwerking uit ½ februari 2017 van het Amerikaanse DJ-duo: "Andrew Taggart & Alex Pall", alias: "The Chansmokers", en de Britse formatie uit Londen: "Coldplay" !!! Ook ik ga voor de 4 sterren ☺!!!

Wie had ten tijde van #selfie gedacht dat de Chainsmokers ooit nog eens zo'n hitmachine zouden worden. Het grappige is misschien nog wel dat van beide groepen de voorspelbare invloeden terug te horen zijn. Het breakje van de Chainsmokers en de piano van Martin en co. Goede plaat toch wel.

Een combinatie die verrassend goed klinkt!

In a shock to nobody, I like the "Coldplay" contribution and have little time for what The Chainsmokers bring to the table. The drop sounds like so many of their drops. Chris Martin is heading dangerously close to Adam Levine territory though.

Very nice

I don't really have any major concerns here, even if it is sounds almost exactly as I expected it to. Formulaic but hardly a surprising collaboration, and it certainly does a decent enough job. With that said, I can't see me liking it much along the lines of "All We Know" or "Roses" but it's better than "Hymn For The Weekend". 3.5

This indeed sounds like a "Roses" copy and it is very generic and boring, but I'm a bit surprised that a established act like Coldplay would collab with newcomers like Chainsmokers. Get that money then :-P

Een aangename samenwerking

It's all been done before. The Chainsmokers are so damn bland they seem to only use two different sounds and it's just so predictable. Absolutely awful.

Another stellar smash from The Chainsmokers. I would give it six stars, but I can't because the beat-drop is so similar to 'Roses'. Love the vocals and the lyrics, I also really enjoy the build to the last 30 seconds or so, somewhat like the progression of 'Paris'.

Sounds a lot with "roses"...
Nothing new.
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