Phil Gernhard

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Pseudoniemen / Alternatieve spelling: Phil Gernhardt, Phillip A. Gernhard
Bellamy BrothersBound To Explode1977Producer
Bellamy BrothersCan Somebody Hear Me Now1977Producer
Bellamy BrothersCrossfire1977Producer
Bellamy BrothersHard Rockin'1977Producer
Bellamy BrothersHell Cat1976Producer
Bellamy BrothersHighway 2-18 (Hang On To Your Dreams)1976Producer
Bellamy BrothersIf It's So Easy1977Producer
Bellamy BrothersI'm The Only Sane Man Left Alive1976Producer
Bellamy BrothersInside My Guitar1975Producer
Bellamy BrothersLet Fantasy Live1976Producer
Bellamy BrothersLet Your Love Flow1976Producer
Bellamy BrothersLivin' In The West1976Producer
Bellamy BrothersMaybe By Then1977Producer
Bellamy BrothersMemorabilia1977Producer
Bellamy BrothersMiss Misunderstood1977Producer
Bellamy BrothersNothin' Heavy1975Producer
Bellamy BrothersRainy, Windy, Sunshine (Roaded Road)1976Producer
Bellamy BrothersSatin Sheets1976Producer
Bellamy BrothersTiger Lily Lover1977Producer
Bellamy BrothersYou Made Me1977Producer
Dion900 Miles1969Producer
DionA Sunday Kind Of Love1969Producer
DionAbraham, Martin And John1968Producer
DionAlmond Joy1971Producer
DionAttration Works Better Than Promotion1971Producer
DionBaby, Please Don't Go1969Producer
DionBrand New Morning1971Producer
DionClose To It All1971Producer
DionDaddy Rollin'1968Producer
DionFrom Both Sides Now1968Producer
DionGotta Get Up1971Producer
DionHarmony Sound1971Producer
DionHe Looks A Lot Like Me1968Producer
DionI Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound1969Producer
DionI Don't Believe My Race Is Run1970Producer
DionIf We Only Have Love1970Producer
DionIt's All Over Now, Baby Blue1969Producer
DionJammed Up Blues1970Producer
DionJust A Little Girl1970Producer
DionKing Con Man1970Producer
DionKnowing I Won't Go Back There1969Producer
DionLet Go, Let Go1970Producer
DionLet It Be1971Producer
DionLittle Pink Pony1970Producer
DionLoving You Is Sweeter Than Ever1968Producer
DionNatural Man1970Producer
DionPeaceful Place1971Producer
DionPlease Be My Friend / Take A Little Time1971Producer
DionPurple Haze1968Producer
DionSisters Of Mercy1968Producer
DionSit Down Old Friend1970Producer
DionSonny Boy1968Producer
DionSouthern Train1969Producer
DionSun Fun Song1968Producer
DionSunshine Lady1971Producer
DionSweet Pea1970Producer
DionThe Dolphins1968Producer
DionThe Seventh Son1969Producer
DionThe Stuff I Got1971Producer
DionThe Visitor1971Producer
DionTomorrow Is A Long Time / Everybody's Talkin'1968Producer
DionWake Up Baby1969Producer
DionYou Can't Judge A Book By The Cover1970Producer
DionYour Own Back Yard1970Producer
Ingrid PetersIch hab' nie Langeweile mit der Nachbarschaft1976Muziek/Tekst
Jim StaffordA Real Good Time1973Producer
Jim StaffordBring Me You1975Producer
Jim StaffordCow Patty1980Producer
Jim StaffordGot Down1975Producer
Jim StaffordI Ain't Sharin' Sharon1973Producer
Jim StaffordI Ain't Working1975Producer
Jim StaffordI Can't Find Nobody Home1975Producer
Jim StaffordI Got Stoned And I Missed It1975Producer
Jim StaffordIsabelle And Samantha1981Producer
Jim StaffordJasper1976Producer
Jim StaffordL.A. Mama1973Producer
Jim StaffordLady Green Feet1975Producer
Jim StaffordMaking Love With The Headphone On1975Producer
Jim StaffordMidnight Snack1975Producer
Jim StaffordMr. Bojangles / A Visit With An Old Friend1973Producer
Jim StaffordMy Girl Bill1973Producer
Jim StaffordNifly Fifties Blues1973Producer
Jim StaffordNone Of Us Are Here1975Producer
Jim StaffordOne Step Ahead Of The Law1978Producer
Jim StaffordSixteen Little Red Noises And A Horse That Sweat1973Producer
Jim StaffordSpiders And Snakes1973Producer
Jim StaffordSwamp Witch1973Producer
Jim StaffordThe Fight1979Producer
Jim StaffordThe Last Chant1973Producer
Jim StaffordTurn Of My Legs1977Producer
Jim StaffordUndecided1973Producer
Jim StaffordWildwood Weed1973Producer
Jim StaffordYeller Dog Blues1981Producer
Jim StaffordYou Can Call Me Clyde1978Producer
Jim StaffordYou'll Never Take Me Alive1974Producer
Jim StaffordYour Bulldog Drinks Champagne1974Producer
LoboA Big Red Kite1972Producer
LoboA Cowboy Afraid Of Horses1975Producer
LoboA Day In The Life Of A Love1979Producer
LoboA Little Different1971Producer
LoboA Simple Man1972Producer
LoboAll For The Love Of A Girl1974Producer
LoboAm I True To Myself1972Producer
LoboAnother Hill To Climb1971Producer
LoboAt First Sight1976Producer
LoboCalifornia Kid And Reemo1971Producer
LoboCome With Me1976Producer
LoboCountry Feeling1971Producer
LoboDaydream Believer1974Producer
LoboDon't Expect Me To Be Your Friend1972Producer
LoboDon't Spend Too Much Of Today On Yesterday1976Producer
LoboDon't Tell Me Goodnight1975Producer
LoboEveryday Is My Way1975Producer
LoboGoodbye Is Just Another Word1973Producer
LoboGus, The Dancing Dog1979Producer
LoboGypsy And The Midnight Ghost1972Producer
LoboHeart To Heart (Person To Person)1979Producer
LoboHe's Right - Damn Him1976Producer
LoboHoldin' On For Dear Love1979Producer
LoboHope You're Proud Of Me, Girl1973Producer
LoboHow Can I Tell Her1973Producer
LoboI Believe In Everything1976Producer
LoboI Don't Wanna Make Love Anymore1979Producer
LoboI'd Love You To Want Me1972Producer
LoboI'm Only Sleeping1974Producer
LoboI'm The Only One1971Producer
LoboIt Sure Took A Long, Long Time1973Producer
LoboIt's Everywhere1976Producer
LoboIt's Time To Face The Music And Dance1979Producer
LoboLay Me Down1979Producer
LoboLet Me Down Easy1972Producer
LoboLet's Get Together1974Producer
LoboLittle Joe (They're Out To Get Ya)1971Producer
LoboLove Me For What I Am1973Producer
LoboMe And You And A Dog Named Boo1971Producer
LoboMorning Sun1975Producer
LoboMy First Time1976Producer
LoboMy Momma Had Soul1975Producer
LoboOne And The Same Thing1973Producer
LoboOne More Time1976Producer
LoboOur Best Time1977Producer
LoboPee-Ro Juan Valdez Sam Quixote1972Producer
LoboReaching Out For Someone1971Producer
LoboReason To Believe1974Producer
LoboRecycle Sally1972Producer
LoboRock And Roll Days1973Producer
LoboRunning Deer1972Producer
LoboShe Didn't Do Magic1971Producer
LoboSomeone To Love1976Producer
LoboSomething To See Me Through1975Producer
LoboSpendin' Time, Makin' Love And Goin' Crazy1979Producer
LoboStanding At The End Of The Line1973Producer
LoboThe Albatross1971Producer
LoboThe Shelter Of Your Eyes1974Producer
LoboThe War To End All Wars1975Producer
LoboThe Way I Came In1979Producer
LoboThen I Met You1975Producer
LoboThere Ain't No Way1972Producer
LoboThinking Of You1975Producer
LoboThree Pick-Ups1975Producer
LoboUniversal Soldier1974Producer
LoboWe Can Make It1976Producer
LoboWe'll Be One By Two Today1971Producer
LoboWe'll Make It... I Know We Will1971Producer
LoboWhere Were You When I Was Falling In Love1979Producer
LoboWhy Is It Me1976Producer
LoboWould I Still Have You1975Producer
Petula ClarkNatural Love1981Muziek/Tekst
(Phil Gernhardt)
Sigi HoppeDer Major1967Muziek/Tekst
Smash MouthSnoopy's Christmas2012Muziek/Tekst
(Phillip A. Gernhard)
The Hot ShotsSnoopy Vs. The Red Baron1973Muziek/Tekst
The Irish RoversSnoopy And The Red Baron1974Muziek/Tekst
The Rolling DogsSnoopy Versus The Red Baron1973Muziek/Tekst
(Phil Gernhardt)
The Royal GuardsmenAirplane Song1967Producer
The Royal GuardsmenBaby Let's Wait1968Producer
The Royal GuardsmenDown Behind The Lines1968Producer
The Royal GuardsmenI Needed You1966Producer
The Royal GuardsmenIt Kinda Looks Like Christmas1967Producer
The Royal GuardsmenO.M.1967Producer
The Royal GuardsmenPeanut Butter1968Producer
The Royal GuardsmenSnoopy For President1968Muziek/Tekst
The Royal GuardsmenSnoopy vs. The Red Baron1966Muziek/Tekst
The Royal GuardsmenSnoopy's Christmas1967Producer
The Royal GuardsmenSweatmeats Slide1967Producer
The Royal GuardsmenThe Return Of The Red Baron1967Muziek/Tekst
The VenturesSnoopy vs. The Red Baron1967Muziek/Tekst



Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (The Royal Guardsmen)28/01/196759
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (Lobo)05/06/197168
Let Your Love Flow (Bellamy Brothers)06/03/197669

De best beoordeelde nummers van Phil Gernhard

I'd Love You To Want Me (Lobo)1625.01
A Big Red Kite (Lobo)85
At First Sight (Lobo)134.92
There Ain't No Way (Lobo)124.92
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (Lobo)884.89
Crossfire (Bellamy Brothers)474.87
The Albatross (Lobo)144.86
Let Your Love Flow (Bellamy Brothers)1514.81
Goodbye Is Just Another Word (Lobo)94.78
Stoney (Lobo)114.73
Love Me For What I Am (Lobo)74.71
Rings (Lobo)144.64
I'm The Only One (Lobo)54.6
Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend (Lobo)214.57
How Can I Tell Her (Lobo)144.57
A Simple Man (Lobo)144.5
Snoopy's Christmas (The Royal Guardsmen)104.5
Satin Sheets (Bellamy Brothers)294.45
Am I True To Myself (Lobo)54.4
Standing At The End Of The Line (Lobo)164.38

De bekendste platen van Phil Gernhard

I'd Love You To Want Me (Lobo)1625.01
Let Your Love Flow (Bellamy Brothers)1514.81
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (Lobo)884.89
Crossfire (Bellamy Brothers)474.87
Satin Sheets (Bellamy Brothers)294.45
Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (The Royal Guardsmen)263.65
Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend (Lobo)214.57
Standing At The End Of The Line (Lobo)164.38
The Albatross (Lobo)144.86
Rings (Lobo)144.64
How Can I Tell Her (Lobo)144.57
A Simple Man (Lobo)144.5
Don't Tell Me Goodnight (Lobo)144.36
Abraham, Martin And John (Dion)144.36
Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love (Lobo)144.07
At First Sight (Lobo)134.92
She Didn't Do Magic (Lobo)134
There Ain't No Way (Lobo)124.92
California Kid And Reemo (Lobo)124.33
Highway 2-18 (Hang On To Your Dreams) (Bellamy Brothers)124.25
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