Avril Lavigne - Let Go

Cover Avril Lavigne - Let Go
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Cover Avril Lavigne - Let Go
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CD Arista 74321 96205 2 / EAN 0743219620521
CD Arista 07822-14740-2 / EAN 0078221474023
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1.Losing Grip
3.Sk8er Boi
4.I'm With You
8.Anything But Ordinary
9.Things I'll Never Say
10.My World
11.Nobody's Fool
12.Too Much To Ask
LP Music On Vinyl MOVLPC1771 / EAN 4059251159254
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Avril Lavigne   Discografie / Fan worden

Singles - Dutch Charts
Sk8er Boi14/12/20021116
I'm With You15/03/20031819
Losing Grip05/07/2003387
Don't Tell Me01/05/2004208
My Happy Ending24/07/20041212
Nobody's Home11/12/2004664
He Wasn't30/04/2005991
When You're Gone07/07/20075710
What The Hell15/01/2011518
Here's To Never Growing Up13/04/2013854
Albums - Dutch Charts
Let Go14/09/2002465
Under My Skin29/05/20041333
The Best Damn Thing21/04/2007823
Goodbye Lullaby12/03/2011117
Avril Lavigne09/11/2013232
Head Above Water23/02/2019182
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
My World [DVD]15/11/2003301
The Best Damn Tour 2008 Live In Toronto [DVD]13/09/200895


Puntengemiddelde: 4.94Avril Lavigne - Let Go (Reviews: 88)

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19/09/2003 14:01
was für ein anfang
30/06/2005 15:51
Snormobiel Beusichem

One of my favourite albums of all time maybe because its so relatable at this present time. But i think evanescence fallen would still be up there for me tho who knows.

Pleasingly, I can still enjoy this, because I did love it back in the day. Perhaps that's why I still like it. But it's nice to harken back to a time when Avril seemed to act her age in her music, or possibly even more mature, with some of these songs still holding up as quite fun without being asinine, or quite classy. Also, I presume none of these songs are about Chad Keoger, which, yay!

This was a great debut album that showed great variation and promise. Avril was able to portray the rock chick well, but I prefer the numbers where she really shows off the sweetness of her voice (like in Tomorrow and Anything But Ordinary). I liked this at the time but appreciate it more now considering the recent version of Avril that we have.

Decent album and her best to this date. Standout tracks: I'm With You, Complicated, Tomorrow, Anything But Ordinary, Losing Grip.

matty d
6 stars

Fantastic album, makes me feel very nostalgic.

1. Losing Grip - Fantastic opener, one of Avril's rockiest songs.
2. Complicated - One of the BOAT songs. Real emotion, sound very truthful. Very relatable.
3. Sk8er Boi - Feels like Avril is very much te guy mentioned in this song. Great as well.
4. I'm With You - One of the best ballads of the 2000's.
5. Mobile - Love this. Not as memorable as some others though.
6. Unwanted - Another great song but wouldn't have worked as a single.
7. Tomorrow - Good but not great.
8. Anthing But Ordinary - Aaahhh great song. Love this so much, one of the gems of the album.
9. Things I'll Never Say - How did she write so many good songs at such a young age?
10. My World - Good but not as good as the songs before it.
11. Nobody's Fool - Fantastic, like her 'rapping' at the start.
12. Too Much Too Ask - Love this one. Great chorus.
13. Naked - Wish this was switched with TMTA because i feel like that would've been a better closer.

Excellent album! Almost hard to believe that since 2007 she has fallen so much but her 2002-2005 years was when she was able to release good music before it became too annoying to enjoy with her debut album being the peak of her entire career. Not a single track here is annoying at all although there was just 1 track I can't say I like but it's at least OK. I also remember Sk8er Boy from the year it was released which really helps make this feel very nostalgic. The best track on this is Complicated with Losing Grip a solid 2nd best. Although Avril over the past 8 years has ranged from average to poor at least we have THIS Avril to look fondly on.

Mooie album, en dan vooral de 3 hits.

Losing Grip 5*
Complicated 6*
Sk8er Boi 6*
I'm With You 6*
Mobile 6*
Unwanted 4*
Tomorrow 5*
Anything But Ordinary 5*
Things I'll Never Say 5*
My World 6*
Nobody's Fool 6*
Too Much To Ask 4*
Naked 6*

Durchschnitt: 5.38 ~ 5*
Laatst gewijzigd: 06/03/2019 18:38
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