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Binnenkomst:17/11/2012 (Positie 12)
Laatste week notering:01/12/2012 (Positie 75)
Piekpositie:12 (1 week)
Aantal weken:3
Positie aller tijden:10078 (173 Punten)
Combialbum:17/11/2012 / Piek: 18 / Weken: 2
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ch  Piek: 10 / Weken: 4
de  Piek: 13 / Weken: 2
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fr  Piek: 50 / Weken: 3
nl  Piek: 12 / Weken: 3
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CD RCA 88765404212 (Sony) / EAN 0887654042125
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.Lotus Intro
2.Army Of Me
3.Red Hot Kinda Love
4.Christina Aguilera feat. Cee Lo Green - Make The World Move
5.Your Body (Clean)
6.Let There Be Love
7.Sing For Me
8.Blank Page
9.Cease Fire
10.Around The World
12.Best Of Me
13.Christina Aguilera with Blake Shelton - Just A Fool
Deluxe Edition - CD RCA 88765404232 (Sony) / EAN 0887654042323
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.Lotus Intro
2.Army Of Me
3.Red Hot Kinda Love
4.Christina Aguilera feat. Cee Lo Green - Make The World Move
5.Your Body (Clean)
6.Let There Be Love
7.Sing For Me
8.Blank Page
9.Cease Fire
10.Around The World
12.Best Of Me
13.Christina Aguilera with Blake Shelton - Just A Fool
Bonus Tracks
14.Light Up The Sky
15.Empty Words (Clean)
16.Shut Up (Clean)
17.Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix)

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Puntengemiddelde: 4.43Christina Aguilera - Lotus (Reviews: 37)

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Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Lotus Intro: *** * durchschnitt
Army Of Me: *** * ganz gut
Red Hot Kinda Love: *** ** gefällt mir sehr!
Make The World Move: *** * gehört in die goldige mitte
Your Body: *** *** ganz klar das highlight von Lotus!!!
Let There Be Love: *** *** sehr sehr geil!! doch immer noch nicht so gut wie "Your Body"
Sing For Me: *** * ihre stimme ist fantastisch doch es ist einfach langweilig
Blank Page: *** * das selbe wie bei "Sing For Me"
Cease Fire: *** ** interessante nummer die mir sehr gut gefällt!
Around The World: *** *** sehr sehr geil!! gehört mit "Your Body" und "Let There Be Love" zu den besten songs des albums!!
Circles: *** ** gefällt mir gut!
Best Of Me: *** ** wunderschön, ihre stimme ist einfach genial *.*
Just A Fool: *** ** starke nummer!
Light Up The Sky: *** * nicht schlecht doch für ne 5* braucht ein stück mehr!
Empty Words: *** * nichts weltbewegendes...durchschnitt
Shut Up: *** ** geil!
Your Body(Martin Garrix Remix): *** ** geiler remix!!!
Christina hat ganz klar ein riesen Flop gelandet mit "Bionic" meine erwartungen waren trotz der geilen Single "Your Body" nicht sehr hoch! Doch ich bin überrascht wie gut dieses Album wurde!
Christina hat eine wunderbare stimme, doch Balladen wie "Sing For Me" und "Blank Page" sind für mich zu langweilig.
Highlights: 1. Your Body
2. Around The World
3. Let There Be Love

aufgerundete 5*

Each track is rated out of 5.

Lotus Intro: ***
A nice opening track. It's sort of a anthem about never being defeated and rising back.

Army of Me: **1/2
Not single worthy. It's a track that Chrissie shows off those nice pipes. Again, it's another track about rising back up which I don't really like being listed directly after one. The chorus is pumping nd catchy and the production is good on it, although it gets abit repetative towards the end.

Red Hot Kinda Love: ****
Really love the vocals and structure of this one. Could be a summer anthem. It's a happy throwback to the early 2000s in sound, and could also have passed on Back to Basics with different sound. A great track. Would love to hear this one live.

Make the World Move: ***
This would also fit well on Back To Basics. Another flawless vocal performence. Cee Lo Green fits perfectly with the Big Band vibe and their vocals both compliment each other. The verses are great, and the bridge is great. This could probably pass as a single.

Your Body: ****1/2
This is definately one of the best Xtina singles ever. It's classy and trashy at the same time, and Christina's sex appeal has never wandered. Lyrics have just the right amount of dirty to be mainstream. Her agressiveness and attitutde in this song makes it that much more enticing and it's a real catchy piece of perfection that wont leave your mind.

Let There Be Love: ***
This will probably be a single. It's not overly original, but it's a catchy and uptempo number that would fit well on mainstream radio. It's forgettable, but fits the sound of the album.

Sing for Me: **
Chrsitina's pipes are made for big ballads, but i'm not a fan of her most recent ones. This one breaks out huge in the chorus with a flawless vocal, but it bores me.

Blank Page. **
Of course it's not an Xtina album without ballads, and Blank Page is another flawless vocal performence. I love the arrangment on this one. This is a deep track, but it's another boring one.

Cease Fire: **
A mid tempo tune that is very repetative. The chorus is catchy, but again very repetative.

Around the World: **1/2
It seems the album starts to deteriorate towards the end and that isn't a good sign. It seems abit too try hard and it fails at living up to it's potential although it is another catchy track.

Circles: ***
This feels very out of place on the album. The verses are very 90s euro but then the chorus hits. By the time the 2nd verse comes, the track starts to come together and becomes enjoyable after a couple of listens.

Best of Me: **1/2
Another ballad, the track is another one about rising back up, or never getting the best of her, but as a whole it fails to be memorable.

Just A Fool: *
A down-tempo number thats plainer than an araaroot biscuit. The inclusion of some random country singer makes the song tumble for the worse and it doesnt recover. They sound horrible together.

Light Up The Sky: **
Very "Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion" in the verses. The chorus then breaks out and feels out of place.

Empty Words: **
Another big chorus, and seems like album filler. It's a typical Chrissie track that never really goes anywhere and is forgotten on the album.

Shut Up: ***1/2
Reminiscent of "Slow Down baby", in a good way. Love the attitude and agression, and the chorus line of "Shut up, just shut the fuck up" is pretty damn good. Shame it's not on the standard track listing.

Christina Aguilera's return after the underrated Bionic is very mainstream if it was released five years ago. Theres lots of throwbacks to the good old days, but majority of the album is flat and never really goes anywhere. Lead single Your Body is amazing, and bonus track Shut Up is the 3rd best which pretty much says it all. To me personally, Xtina has taken a step back in relaunching the fading career that unfairly maligned Bionic started. The albums has a couple of gems but there is mostly duds and filler which left me dissapointed.

Overall rating out of 5:


Greata album! Christina Aguilera is back!
Laatst gewijzigd: 21/11/2012 15:19

lekker album van Christina
blijft een van de zangeressen met een stem die je meteen kunt herkennen
haar repertoire bestaat inmiddels uit verschillende stijlen en het past allemaal bij haar

While it's not as painful a listen as Bionic was this album is still uneven and as much as I love her vocals, enunciation is sacrificed for power which is really distracting. And she could have pretty much had the same beat from start to finish and the album would have sounded exactly the same (bar the one ballad that has no beat). That being said, there are a few things on here that I think might score her a hit. While the ballads are the standouts for me, this is always the case with Xtina's albums for me so I'm glad that she hasn't run out of gas in giving a good ballad. All in all, this album didn't deserve to flop as hard as it did, but maybe with an actual hit behind it, it might re-enter the charts in 2013. Maybe.

Lol mega flop

Een tof album.

Leider floppte dieses Album damals total. Mir völlig unerklärlich.
Sicherlich ist es nicht das stärkste von Christina, aber es beinhaltet einige tolle Dance-Nummern sowie wunderschöne Balladen, die mehr Beachtung verdient hätten! Für mich, ein gutes Album!

Lotus Intro 4*
Army Of Me 5*
Red Hot Kinda Love 4*
Make The World Move 4*
Your Body 6*
Let There Be Love 6*
Sing For Me 5*
Blank Page 6*
Cease Fire 5*
Around The World 4*
Circles 5*
Best Of Me 5*
Just A Fool 6*
Light Up The Sky 6*
Empty Words 5*
Shut Up 4*

Durchschnitt: 5.0 -> 5*
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