Coldplay - Viva la vida Or Death And All His Friends

Cover Coldplay - Viva la vida Or Death And All His Friends
Parlophone 2121140
Cover Coldplay - Viva la vida Or Death And All His Friends
Parlophone 2647112
Cover Coldplay - Viva la vida Or Death And All His Friends
Parlophone 2121141 (eu)
Cover Coldplay - Viva la vida Or Death And All His Friends


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Binnenkomst:21/06/2008 (Positie 1)
Laatste week notering:17/10/2009 (Positie 65)
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CD Parlophone 2121140 (EMI) / EAN 5099921211409
LP Parlophone 2121141 (EMI) [eu] / EAN 5099921211416
CD Parlophone 2168880 (EMI) / EAN 5099921688805
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.Life In Technicolor
2.Cemeteries Of London
5.Lovers In Japan (/ Reign Of Love)
7.Viva la vida
8.Violet Hill
9.Strawberry Swing
10.Death And All His Friends
Prospekt's March Edition - CD Parlophone 2647112 (EMI) / EAN 5099926471129
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
CD 1:
1.Life In Technicolor
2.Cemeteries Of London
5.Lovers In Japan (/ Reign Of Love)
7.Viva la vida
8.Violet Hill
9.Strawberry Swing
10.Death And All His Friends
CD 2:
1.Life In Technicolor II
2.Postcards From Far Away
3.Glass Of Water
4.Rainy Day
5.Prospekt's March / Poppyfields
6.Coldplay feat. Jay-Z - Lost!
7.Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)
8.Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

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Fix You10/09/2005549
The Hardest Part13/05/2006397
Violet Hill17/05/20081314
Viva la vida19/07/2008447
Lost! (Coldplay feat. Jay-Z)22/11/2008398
Life In Technicolor II07/02/20093011
Christmas Lights04/12/2010230
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall11/06/2011116
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Viva la vida Or Death And All His Friends21/06/2008170
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Puntengemiddelde: 4.71Coldplay - Viva la vida Or Death And All His Friends (Reviews: 102)

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05/06/2008 12:41
At the time of writing, Coldplay is only a few hundred meters away from me, doing a secret show in Amsterdam, Paradiso. I can't be there, so I might as well write something about Coldplay since they're on/in my mind.

The album leaked yesterday on 4 june, but I'm going to buy it for sure. Let's go over the tracks:

Life in Technicolor (4.5 stars): A growing instrumental track that lets you get into the album immediately. It shifts over flawlessly into ..

Cemeteries of London (5 stars): A powerful song with a deathly tone ringing to it. Chris's voice is lower than usual and it fits the tune perfectly. The piano at the end shifts over to ..

Lost! (6 stars): Great tune, and this full-blown version sounds just as good as the accoustic version. The lyrics are especially powerful (You may be a big fish in a little pond/Doesn't mean you've won/Cause along may come/A bigger one). I love it, not to mention the beautiful instrumental part.

42 (6 stars): This one goes deep.. (And I'm sure/There must be something more...) and it's an epic song on it's own. This will be their fourth single from the album. Just go listen this, it's really grand.

Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love (5.5 stars/4 stars): Basically patched under one, it's still two completely separate songs. Lovers in Japan is another great song that is both deep and catchy. It's rumored to be the third single, but that hasn't been confirmed yet. As for Reign of Love.. you can easily listen to it, but it didn't stick to me as much as the other tracks. It's still a beautiful piece of music.

Yes/Chinese Sleep Chant (5.5 stars/4.5 stars): Yes is another darker sounding song (I'm so tired of this lonelyness), but musically it reminded me of God put a smile upon your face and A rush of blood to the head. Chinese Sleep Chant is not an instrumental track, but Chris Martin put his voice in the back explicitly, so the instruments would come out more. Solid track.

Viva La Vida (6 stars): The album's glory. This is a song you'll want to hear before you die.. and that sums it all up. This is the 2nd single.

Violet Hill (5.5 stars): This just makes me sad, but it's still a great track. You've probably heard it by now. This is the 1st single.

Strawberry Swing (4.5 stars): Cheerful melody, but a sad text make this another song that fits the album. Solid album track.

Death and all his Friends (6 stars): In my opinion another absolutely glorious song of the album. This is like Amsterdam on ROBTTH, but more cheerful. Simply beautiful.

The Escapist (4 stars): The album ends how it started. This is almost Life in Technicolor, except slightly different and a few lyrics. The album then fades out, only to be replayed again.
13/07/2008 17:42
Such music was much in the end of the seventieth. Coldplay have not opened anything new.

heerlijk album met veel goede hits

Pieter Stelt
goede cd

Uitstekende Coldplay en inderdaad een stuk beter dan het onsamenhangende X&Y.

this was a good album that flows smoothly but unfortunately it's just incredibly boring! some incredibly singles and their upbeat songs are surprisingly good but towards the middle you just feel like going to sleep!

Quite a good album, but I don't think I'd say it's their best, despite it containing their best song - Viva La Vida. At times it focuses too much on the instrumentation, which is nice, and well done, but it's not what I enjoy from them. Still, there are plenty of great tracks on here, and it's an easy listen.

Quite solid and a bit better than I expected. I thought that apart from the singles it would be a right bore, but it's consistently interesting the whole way through. 4.5

Good album and liked all the singles off this one, however this is the least selling album here in the UK which has surprised me due to weeks held at #1. UK#1 (6 weeks) and Ireland#1 (7 weeks). US#1.
1.2 million copies sold in the UK.
Laatst gewijzigd: 06/12/2015 20:09

Met Viva La Vida hebben ze voor een festivalanthem gezorgd dat nog jaren zal meegebruld worden. De rest is niet allemaal goud waard, maar er staan toch nog zeer goede platen op.

it's not good as their previous albums but sounds nice

Succesalbum van Coldplay uit 2008 en ondanks niet alle nummers top zijn uiteindelijk toch vier sterren. "viva La Vida" (hun grote hit) steekt er voor mij wel torenhoog bovenuit.

1. Life In Technicolor: 4
2. Cemeteries Of London: 4+
3. Lost!: 4+
4. 42: 4
5. Lovers In Japan (/ Reign Of Love): 4
6. Yes: 3+
7. Viva la vida: 6
8. Violet Hill: 4
9. Strawberry Swing: 3+
10. Death And All His Friends: 4+


This is a very stunning Coldplay album with many great consistency and with some very good highlights. There is no denying that Coldplay put a very commendable amount of effort into their albums and their hard work has resulted in the brilliant albums they produce, all of them at such a high level they are very difficult to rank.

This is a great album and I love the direction they took with this one. I really like this theme a lot more than Mylo Xyloto or X&Y. Although this shares the rating as Mylo Xyloto and Mylo Xyloto actually has a higher average, I would rate this album a lot better than Mylo Xyloto, mainly due to the fact that this album blended a lot better than Mylo Xyloto.

Although I am yet to finish hearing Coldplay's albums, I expected this to far and away be my favourite Coldplay album, especially over Mylo Xyloto. However, this album only was marginally better than Mylo Xyloto. This wasn't due to this album being as good as I would've like it to be, it's just that there's such a great variety of tracks and such unique songwriting that I couldn't possibly love every song. Also this has helped me come to the realisation that Mylo Xyloto is actually an album that is better than I thought it would be.

Unlike other reviewers here, I found that the tracks fit together on this album quite well, but it wasn't 'blended' so well that one track flawlessly flowed onto another (I would look to a Hillsong Live album if you wanted that).

The highlights of this album is Viva La Vida, which is my favourite ever track from them, Violet Hill and Lovers In Japan. Overall, the album showed great variety (like all Coldplay albums do) and I was not bored with any track except for the last one, Death And All His Friends.

Track listing: (Numbers in brackets denote rating of 6, * show released singles)

1. Life In Technicolor (5)
2. Cemeteries Of London (5)
3. Lost! * (5)
4. 42 (4)
5. Lovers In Japan * (6) + Reign Of Love (6)
6. Yes (4) + Chinese Sleep Chant (5)
7. Viva La Vida * (6)
8. Violet Hill * (6)
9. Strawberry Swing * (5)
10. Death And All His Friends (4)

Album average: 5.08
Final Album grade: A (A bumped up grade because I especially love the singles)


Pretty good record which shows their desire to make an edgier piece of work after X&Y and getting Brian Eno in the mix. Unfortunately some of the songs don't really experiment and remain unchanged song-forms with trillions of synths and effects thrown at them (particularly 'Lost!') and lack the subtle ingenuity of A Rush. Other places show them working with genuinely more interesting ideas however and the title track is a great example of how sometimes a pop tune doesn't really need to change its formula to still be great.

The 1st album I ever brought. Nice use of different sounds. The 2 lead Singles stand out but also Life In Technicolor, Cemeteries Of London, Lost, Reign Of Love, Yes, Chinese Sleep Chant, DAAHF and hidden end track The Escapist are good too.
Laatst gewijzigd: 08/11/2015 08:15

For their most critically acclaimed piece of work that was raved upon, for me it was the point of no return in their discography.
Apart from the storylines and uniqueness in it's approach it's just predictable and safe and doesn't really challange you until their anthem 'Viva La Vida' kicks in.
Not an album i'd go back to often if i'm honest.

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