Golden Earring - 50 Years Anniversary Album

Cover Golden Earring - 50 Years Anniversary Album
Music On Vinyl MOVLP1600


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CD Red Bullet RB 66300 / EAN 8712944663006
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LP Music On Vinyl MOVLPL16 / EAN 4024572972950
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LP Music On Vinyl MOVLP1600 / EAN 8719262000421
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Golden Earring   Discografie / Fan worden

Singles - Dutch Charts
Please Go (Golden Earrings)30/10/196587
That Day (Golden Earrings)29/01/1966213
If You Leave Me (The Golden Earrings)14/05/196686
Daddy Buy Me A Girl (Golden Earrings)08/10/1966155
Don't Run Too Far (Golden Earrings)10/12/1966192
In My House (Golden Earrings)08/04/1967108
Sound Of The Screaming Day (Golden Earrings)29/07/1967410
Together We Live, Together We Love (Golden Earrings)28/10/196757
I've Just Lost Somebody (Golden Earrings)20/04/196885
Dong-Dong-Di-Ki-Di-Gi-Dong (Golden Earrings)03/08/1968111
Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart (The Golden Earrings)16/11/196839
Where Will I Be (Golden Earrings)28/06/196975
Another 45 Miles13/12/196939
Back Home18/07/1970119
Hans Brinker Symphony (Holland)23/01/197156
Holy Holy Life06/02/197137
She Flies On Strange Wings02/10/197149
Buddy Joe13/05/197238
Stand By Me23/09/197285
Radar Love25/08/1973111
Instant Poetry27/04/197438
Ce soir01/03/197566
Just Like Vince Taylor (Live) / Radar Love (Live)15/10/1977301
Movin' Down Life21/10/1978206
Weekend Love16/06/1979412
I Do Rock 'N Roll15/12/1979188
Long Blond Animal27/09/1980158
No For An Answer13/12/1980363
Twilight Zone04/09/1982210
The Devil Made Me Do It01/01/1983158
When The Lady Smiles11/02/1984111
Clear Night, Moonlight28/04/198466
Something Heavy Going Down01/12/1984225
Quiet Eyes03/05/198696
Why Do I09/08/1986372
My Killer My Shadow12/03/1988318
Turn The World Around15/04/1989812
Distant Love01/07/1989736
Going To The Run13/04/1991414
Temporary Madness13/07/1991328
Pouring My Heart Out Again09/11/1991517
I Can't Sleep Without You (Live)07/11/19922910
Another 45 Miles (Live)06/03/1993237
Long Blond Animal (Live)26/06/1993239
As Long As The Wind Blows (Live)13/11/1993304
Hold Me Now29/10/1994127
Johnny Make Believe04/02/1995433
Burning Stuntman23/08/19972613
The Devil Made Me Do It (Live)24/01/1998624
Paradise In Distress27/02/1999298
Whisper In A Crowd14/08/1999744
Miles Away From Nowhere15/04/2000795
Yes! We're On Fire26/08/2000555
Albino Moon01/02/2003169
A Sound I Never Heard26/04/2003505
I've Just Lost Somebody (Live)12/02/2005510
Angel (Live)21/05/2005184
Still Got The Keys To My First Cadillac21/04/2012173
Albums - Dutch Charts
On The Double (Golden Earrings)12/07/196945
Eight Miles High06/12/196957
Golden Earring05/09/1970113
Seven Tears04/09/1971110
The Best Of Golden Earring - 10 Years 20 Hits23/08/197519
To The Hilt14/02/197637
Grab It For A Second30/09/1978138
No Promises... No Debts21/07/197929
Prisoner Of The Night04/10/198077
2nd Live30/05/1981214
Greatest Hits 326/09/1981235
Something Heavy Going Down01/12/1984266
The Hole17/05/1986516
The Very Best Of 1965 - 198826/03/1988416
The Very Best Of 1976 - 1988 Volume 202/04/19881910
Keeper Of The Flame13/05/19891115
Bloody Buccaneers04/05/1991319
The Complete Single Collection14/03/1992615
The Naked Truth21/11/19922113
Face It12/11/1994627
Love Sweat16/12/19951715
Naked II04/10/1997238
The Complete Naked Truth04/04/1998661
Paradise In Distress03/04/1999514
Last Blast Of The Century15/01/2000416
The Devil Made Us Do It - 35 Years11/11/2000253
Fully Naked24/02/2001925
Millbrook U.S.A.01/03/2003212
Naked III - Live At The Panama05/03/2005317
From Heaven From Hell10/03/2012851
Tits 'n Ass19/05/2012129
The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music (Golden Earrings)04/04/2015732
50 Years Anniversary Album21/11/2015269
The Hague [EP]12/12/2015510
The Hague / Five Zero02/07/201695
Complete Studio Recordings25/02/2017131
Alive... Through The Years22/09/2018401
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
Last Blast Of The Century [DVD]04/03/2000312
Don't Stop The Show [DVD]14/09/200245
The Naked Truth [DVD]07/12/2002107
The Devil Made Us Do It - 35 Years - 27 Clips [DVD]14/12/20021114
Naked II [DVD]14/02/2004203
Naked III - Live At The Panama [DVD]05/03/2005117
Live From The Twilight Zone [DVD]20/08/200578
Live In Ahoy 2006 [DVD]25/11/2006221
Five Zero At The Ziggo Dome 12-12*2015 [DVD]02/07/2016168


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