The Black Keys - El Camino

Cover The Black Keys - El Camino
Cover The Black Keys - El Camino
CD 10th Anniversary Edition
Nonesuch 7559791435
Cover The Black Keys - El Camino
Cover The Black Keys - El Camino
LP 10th Anniversary Edition
Nonesuch 7559791436


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Binnenkomst:10/12/2011 (Positie 13)
Laatste week notering:13/11/2021 (Positie 99)
Piekpositie:10 (1 week)
Aantal weken:90
Positie aller tijden:296 (4642 Punten)
Alternative:10/12/2011 / Piek: 1 / Weken: 46
Combialbum:10/12/2011 / Piek: 14 / Weken: 66
Vinyl 33:13/11/2021 / Piek: 8 / Weken: 1
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ch  Piek: 18 / Weken: 37
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CD Nonesuch 7559796331 (Warner) / EAN 0075597963311
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1.Lonely Boy
2.Dead And Gone
3.Gold On The Ceiling
4.Little Black Submarines
5.Money Maker
6.Run Right Back
8.Hell Of A Season
9.Stop Stop
10.Nova Baby
11.Mind Eraser
LP Nonesuch 7559796333 (Warner) / EAN 0075597963335
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10th Anniversary Edition - CD Nonesuch 7559791435 (Warner) / EAN 0075597914351
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10th Anniversary Edition - LP Nonesuch 7559791436 (Warner) / EAN 0075597914368
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10th Anniversary Edition - LP Nonesuch 7559791438 (Warner) / EAN 0075597914382
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The Black Keys   Discografie / Fan worden

Singles - Dutch Charts
Lonely Boy19/11/2011806
Little Black Submarines08/09/2012775
Albums - Dutch Charts
Attack & Release05/04/2008654
El Camino10/12/20111090
Turn Blue17/05/2014519
'Let's Rock'06/07/201937
Delta Kream22/05/202126


Puntengemiddelde: 4.88The Black Keys - El Camino (Reviews: 16)

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Listening to an entire album from them can be a little tiresome, but this is a pretty solid effort that edges out "Brothers" I think.

Up and up and up.
Laatst gewijzigd: 13/07/2012 19:56

This is quite a consistent effort, I think it slightly improves on Brothers in that regard, which had a lot of ups and downs, but the high points of Brothers were probably a little stronger than the high points here. Still overall this is a very good album.

Chris A
Solid album, Lonely Boy is easily the best song on here, 4.5.

Geweldig album van The Black Keys met o.a. hun heerlijke Lonely Boy.

The main thing is that it gets there. It thankfully doesn't overstay its welcome and has a number of their best songs. To me it's an album of two halves because the first five tracks stand out. 4.5
Laatst gewijzigd: 03/06/2014 13:54

Every track is goddam fantastic, it just keeps hitting you full force and never stops. The Black Keys are incredible, I think they are the Queen or Rolling Stones of this generation.

I guess it's just not my thing. I mean I like it but not as much as most of this site (and a lot of the world) seem to. There are parts where I like the beats and the guitar but I think it's just a little bit weak especially in terms of vocal and overall catchiness. Then again this isn't pop where both of those really matter so I don't know why I keep expecting it...

The tracks I enjoyed the most were Lonely Boy, Little Black Submarines and Mind Eraser.

I admit that I haven't given this album a full listen through until now, and I regret not doing so earlier as this was brilliant.

I believe that I gave every song on the album the 4* option or greater. It all just seemed to fit together very well, and every song was likable (as suggested through many of my reviews for each song being just "cool").

I'm guessing that I probably would've found this to be one of the best albums of 2011.

The absolute standouts of the album were "Lonely Boy", "Gold On The Ceiling" and "Little Black Submarines".

Prima solide rockalbum van het project van liedjesschrijver Dan Auerbach.
Veruit het succesvolste album van deze rockers.
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